Feast Turbo Charged 9-Hour Energy Capsules

Turbo-Charged Energy capsules provide the higher energy levels that you desire with added nutrition to balance out your energy experience. This combination provides extra nutritional support, to strengthen and build the health of the body with each capsule. By using just (one) 3 capsule serving, energy levels can last up to 9 hours with no crash and costs about 90¢.Feast Turbo-Charged Capsules

Now with 9 hour capsules you get all the added benefits of the Feast's nutritional components. This makes these turbo-charged capsules a better alternative to the vast variety of liquid energy products found on local food store shelves that are not healthy for your body.

The Turbo-Charged Capsule blend provides an excellent energy source and sense of well being for hours now without the sugar crash later.

Benefits of using 9 hour Turbo-Charged Energy capsules( 3 capsule serving costs about 90¢ and can last up to 9 hours ):

• Provides a LONG LASTING ENERGY ALTERNATIVE to coffee, tea, sports drinks, energy drinks and caffeinated soft drinks.
• Healthy Nutritious Energy –It lasts longer, without the crash caused by synthetic ingredients found in most unhealthy energy drinks.
• Helps manage appetite and boosts energy. Naturally balanced ingredients that work synergistically to deliver consistent natural energy.
• Does not contain isolated, synthetic or inorganic vitamins and minerals.
• Free from fillers, excipients, animal products, gluten, dairy and GMO's..
• Just (one) 3 capsule serving lasts up to 9 hours. This one 3 capsule serving only costs about 90¢ which is about 1/3 the cost of an average liquid energy drink.
• 9 hour capsules also has an array of nutritional ingredients like fruits, berries, nutrient dense vegetable, greens, a seed blend, active enzymes and probiotics that help balance and rebuild the health of the system.

Why Feast Turbo Charged 9-Hour Energy Capsules are superior to liquid energy drinks.

Liquid energy drinks have been pasteurized, loaded with preservatives and unfortunately many of them are full of sugar. Caffeine in these products is primarily synthetic caffeine even when they list natural Guarana lower down on the label. So their energy is mainly coming from an isolated, lab created form of caffeine which does not work as well in your body as the natural occurring caffeine we use in Vlocity 3X to facilitate a slower burn rate.

Liquid energy drink brands cause a quick hard energy release that hits your body very fast. These energy drinks may also include B vitamins and amino acids to help balance the kick but your body cannot naturally balance that type of energy burn. This is due to the isolated caffeine used in liquid energy drinks because they do contain the natural occurring components that are necessary to provide a consistent long lasting burn.

The sugar content in some of these store-bought energy drinks is extremely high and not to mention the chemically added coloring with preservatives that are supposedly safe to consume. Unfortunately the sugar that is added to these drinks increases the negative effect of the caffeine in your system. The actual taste of these liquid products are nasty so they load them up with sugars so it is easier to consume.

Quick release synthetic caffeine and sugar creates a double whammy to your system. That is why people after experiencing the initial high quickly bomb or crash because energy drinks only provide a short-term burst of energy. They actually break down the body's ability to maintain natural energy which causes a feeling of having less energy.

The Turbo-Charged capsules contain natural occurring oil based slow release caffeine.
The Guarana extract we use has a percentage of natural caffeine in it with an array of other compounds that work synergistically. This helps balance how the caffeine is utilized so it has a positive affect in the human body. The Guarana extract does not burn fast like caffeine found in liquid energy drinks. It is an oil based compound with other natural ingredients for balance that provides a slower release into the system so the energy impact will last many hours longer.

9 Hour Capsules contain other nutrients that increase its nutritional value in the body.
These nutrients help increase oxygenation, circulation, the sense of mental acuity and clarity. These are some of the benefits you experience from what natural ingredients provide versus isolated laboratory man made caffeine. The Maca helps to increase oxygenation and circulation. The Cocoa Bean is a natural antioxidant and is another source of natural caffeine. The Cha de Bugre helps strengthen the heart and cardiovascular system.

These capsules also have an array of nutritional ingredients like fruits, berries, nutrient dense vegetable, greens, a seed blend, active enzymes and probiotics that can help balance and rebuild the health of the system. This helps support the capsules natural energy burn because it is restoring nutrition levels that are being depleted during the energy burn. Typical energy drinks tend to deplete and do not have rebuild capability.

WARNING: This product contains natural caffeine. Do not take if you are pregnant, nursing, using any prescription drugs, or have a medical condition. Consult a health care professional prior to use. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.


Feast Turbo-Charged Capsules -90 capsule bottle-

9 Hour Turbo-Charged Energy Capsules - No Crash
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9 Hour Turbo-Charged Energy Capsules - No Crash
675 Grams ~ 180 Count per bottle
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