Why Minerals Are Important to a Healthy Functioning Body?

It's as simple as pie: without the proper minerals, vitamins are useless, enzymes cannot function properly and certain hormones become out of balance. In fact, nothing can work properly. Our brain cells and our nervous system transport electrical signals over a network of minerals to every part of the body.  Every beat of our hearts and every cell in our bodies must have minerals in order to function properly. 

The Truth Soil and Mineral Depletion

Most of us are hip to the fact that our soil is becoming depleted of essential, trace and rare minerals, vital to our life and well-being. However, should it come as any surprise that according to scientists at the 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil that the United States soils have depleted the most drastically—with 85% of its essential minerals depleted? And that was in 1992.

Mineral Nirvana?

So where have all the minerals gone? Are they in mineral heaven, somewhere deep in the earth beyond the reach of our spades? Do minerals believe in reincarnation? Will they come back in their next life in the form of more enlightened minerals? Not a chance.

 "Show Me the Minerals!"

Just to give you some background, minerals are the basic elements of the earth and the universe. Like energy, they cannot be created or destroyed. The reason why mineral rich soil can become depleted is simple.  Minerals are absorbed into vegetables and fruits. Once the fruits and vegetables have been harvested and eaten, the minerals are gone forever from the soil. While plants can create proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients to help enrich the soil, unfortunately they cannot create minerals.  

Let's not forget that much of our soil has been producing food for centuries. Most of the minerals in these foods were eaten generations ago by our ancestors. Also, the synthetic fertilizers being sprayed on our produce makes it even more difficult for plants to absorb whatever essential minerals are left in the soil.