Nutrition for Teens Research

Recent research from the Harvard School of Public Health shows that teenagers who get enough of the nutrients commonly found in fruits and fish are more prone to healthy lungs and to have less risk of asthma, coughing and wheezing. The study results were published Monday July 9th, 2007 in the July issue of Chest.
 Burns and her team of researchers found that teens with the lowest intake of fruit and especially vitamin C had weaker lungs compared to the others. Teens that ate less vitamin E, found in vegetable oil and nuts, were more likely to have asthma.
 Many studies have connected healthy eating habits with strong, healthy lungs, so Burns and her colleagues surveyed and tested 2,112 12th-graders from the United States and Canada.
 In keeping with previous surveys, they found that many teenagers ate less than the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables. They also found that teens that consumed less fruit and lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids were more likely to have asthma and respiratory symptoms such as wheezing. Even moderate amounts of the omega-3 fatty acids are protective according to Burns who added that walnuts and flaxseeds are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids.
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