The Unhealthy Stomach Stretch

With weight loss in mind, there is probably one topic that you haven't considered... the size of your stomach. The stomach is much like a muscle, and like any muscle it can be stretched and will remain stretched until we stop stretching it. The capacity of a normal adult's stomach is about 4 cups by volume, but many have stretched their stomach to two or even three times it's normal size. This can happen by eating overeating on a regular basis and in our society super sized fast food meals and all-you-can-eat buffets are only making the problem worse.

When your stomach becomes stretched as a result of overeating it will remain stretched for a period of time. After eating a huge meal before bed, some wonder why they wake up feeling hungry. It's because the stomach has become stretched and now feels empty. If you are one who has stretched your stomach to two or even three times it's normal size, you now have to eat two or three times a normal amount of food in order to feel full and satisfied.

Have you stretched your stomach? Can you eat more than 4 cups of food and still have room for more? If so, the chances are that your stomach is in a stretched condition.

The good news is this... as soon as you stop stretching your stomach it will quickly begin to return to its normal size. Can you imagine eating a normal portion of food and feeling so full that the thought of just one more bite would seem painful to you? Helping your stomach to return to its normal size is the very foundation of a permanent solution to a weight related challenge but you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on risky surgery to do it.