Boron Benefits

Boron is a trace mineral that promotes the body’s absorption of calcium. Animal and human studies have established it as essential for normal growth and for hormones involved in bone metabolism and for normal balanced levels of estrogen and testosterone. Since Boron contributes to the efficiency of other vital micronutrients, this makes the mineral Boron very important to your health.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture conducted a study on boron and found that within eight days of boron supplementation of 3 milligrams, the test group of postmenopausal women showed 40% less loss of calcium and 33% less loss of magnesium through their urine than before boron supplementation.

Some studies link boron supplements to enhanced coordination, attention and improvements in short-and long-term memory.

A boron deficiency can cause symptoms of insomnia, muscle cramps, bone pain, backache, PMS and menstrual cramps and menopause problems.

Cheese, sardines, salmon, dark leafy vegetables and sesame seeds are natural sources of the mineral Boron.