Benefits of the Feast

Enjoy the Feast Benefits (for Less than $1.54 per day):

Feast is the most powerful, nutrient dense nutritional product on the market today.

• More variety, quality and quantity than any other concentrated whole food supplement. 170The benefits of taking the Feast natural organic process ingredients. Harvested when ripe and fresh for peak nutrition. Powder mix makes over 240 ounces of nutritious liquid nutrition per container. Stays nutritionally stable in its powdered form.

• Does Not Contain isolated, synthetic or inorganic vitamins and minerals. Typically found in pills, supplements, fast food and processed foods. They are hard for the body to digest properly so they provide little nutritional benefit to the body. Feast is natural nutrition.

• Dried at temperatures below 105°F. Dries fresh, raw juices and live whole foods to powder concentrate in seconds. Other processes using higher temperatures kill valuable nutritional elements. Our proprietary low-temperature drying process, concentrates live whole foods and fresh raw juices into nutrient dense, great tasting, all natural powders in less than 120 seconds.

• NOT-Pasteurized. Pasteurization requires excessive heat and kills valuable nutrients. Most liquid nutritional products use a form of pasteurization that uses high heat. Our process quickly dries ingredients at temperatures below 105°F.

• Preservative Free. Some preservatives used in food products can be considered to fit into the same classification as poisonous drugs. NONE in Feast.

• Nutritious and Delicious! Tastes great! Can be consumed in a variety of ways to brighten up your day. Mix in water, almond milk, rice milk, yogurt, apple sauce, V-8, with protein powder for a shake and other creative ways. Best done in shaker cup or blender.

Each serving contains naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidant compounds, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids, fiber, probiotics and phytonutrients. No synthetic ingredients added.

Why use Feast?

It provides quality, quantity and variety of ingredients that are superior to synthetic, pasteurized or preserved liquid and other powder supplements. The Feast is the best concentrated, whole food supplement on the planet. It delivers a full, synergistic spectrum of super foods and other natural ingredients that your digestive system will recognize as real nutrition just the way nature intended - in natures perfect balance.

There are 22 beneficial probiotics in a varying number of forms for a natural balance in the Feast. We provide transient forms of probiotics that provide benefits as they pass through the system. There are proliferating forms of probiotics that go in and grow to help balance out the digestive system. The blend of these 22 beneficial probiotics provide interaction from the top of your digestive system all the way to the bottom of your system. They work in conjunction with the live whole foods provided by the concentrates so it provides the best environment to promote a healthy digestive system.

Feast is More Nutritious that Synthetic or Isolated Vitamins and Minerals

Synthetic nutrients are missing the active ingredients that occur naturally in nature. When you consume vitamins and minerals from real whole food your body recognizes it as coming from live food and fully utilizes the vitamins, enzymes and co-factors the way Mother Nature intended. Synthetic vitamins are in an incomplete form because they have been isolated and these manufactured nutrients cannot be designed to work in harmony as they do in nature. Nature created a perfectly balanced natural whole food complex to work with the human physiology and it remains to be seen if it can ever be duplicated by man.

How The Body Recognizes and Uses Nutrition

The blood stream contains cells and these small blood cells contain receptors that make up the cells border. These receptors are what allows the nutrients into the cells so just because a nutrient makes it into the blood stream does not necessarily means it will make it into the cell. These cell receptors are very picky about what they allow inside. Man has tried his best to create vitamins, mass produce them in factories, put them in the food we eat and bottle them to sell as pills. However, they are manmade synthetic nutrients and just like you cannot use the wrong key to start your car, they do not fool these cell receptors. Therefore, the synthetic nutrients never get absorbed into the cells as we would expect them to.

When synthetic vitamins cannot be recognized by the body, the body treats them as toxic foreign substances and try's to remove them from the body. You may even see your urine turn bright florescent yellow until the foreign nutrients are purged from your system.

Why use Feast Daily

Today a variety of nutritional live whole foods including fruits and vegetables are not being consumed on a regular basis. Most people are not experiencing the nutritional benefits that whole food nutrition can provide due to our poor nutritional eating habits and our fast paced lifestyle. Feast provides an optimal amount of these natural nutrients in synergistic combination your body is designed to recognize. The crucial nutrients contained in Feast are still alive and are very bioavailable for your body to absorb. These live nutrients are necessary for optimal assimilation, proper uptake of nutrients to the body and to maximize bioavailability & effectiveness.

Your health, your intelligence, your energy, and your appearance are dependent on replenishing the vitamins and minerals in your body daily. So what do you buy with confidence that works? Feast for less than $1.54 a day is a convenient solution.

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Feast - 300 Grams - 1 Scoop is 10 grams of powdered nutrition

The Feast Nutritional Supplement

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