Nutritional Composition of the Acai Berry

It is good to know the helpful, nutritional benefits of the ingredients in MannaFeast – a marvelous whole food product.  So this will be the beginning of a series of special research articles, especially regarding raw whole foods.  It has been shown that the whole food supplements provided by the Living Feast product provide balanced, nutrient dense whole food nutrition.

In this article, we will address the nutrient value of the Acai berry found in MannaFeast:

Incredible Antioxidant and Anthocyanins Levels

Simply put, Acai is one of the highest antioxidant fruits in the world. Acai has 10 times the antioxidant level of grapes and twice that of blueberries. Acai has 10 to 30 times the Anthocyanins of red wine (Our last article defined Anthocyanins). The ORAC score for 100 grams of freeze dried Earth Fruits Acai powder is over 70,000. An almost unbelievable number when you consider most of the population consumes less than 1,000 ORAC units a day.

Healthy Fats

The Acai berry is very rich in healthy Omega fats. Nearly 50% of the Acai berry is fat - with 74% of the fat coming from healthy unsaturated fats such as Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.

Rich in Amino Acids and Protein

7.59% of the weight of the Acai pulp is from amino acids. 19 different amino acids have been identified in Acai. Since amino acids are the building blocks of protein, it is no surprise that you have over 8 grams of protein in a 100 gram serving of Acai.

Excellent source of Plant Sterols

Three plant sterols (or photosterols) have been identified in Acai - B-sitosterol, campesterol and sigmasterol. Photosterols have been shown to have numerous health benefits for maintaining healthy heart and digestive function.

Good source of Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E are all present in Acai. In fact, Acai contain as much Vitamin C as blueberries and has over 1000 IU of Vitamin A for every 100 grams of Acai. In addition, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc are all found in Acai.

Good Source of Fiber

For a fruit, Acai has a strong fiber profile. There are about 14 grams of fiber in every 100 grams of freeze dried Acai powder.

Delicious Taste

You would think anything this healthy must taste terrible - however, just the opposite is true. Acai has a berry and chocolate flavor that is truly unique and delicious. Acai is used in smoothies, deserts and can also be eaten by itself.

Research on the nutritional makeup of Acai is ongoing and there are many aspects of the fruit that have not been characterized yet. We know there must be undiscovered antioxidants in Acai, because even though it is high in Anthocyanins - they are not high enough to account for the incredible ORAC scores.

Now that we have learned the benefits of the Acai berry found in MannaFeast, it is exciting to know that there are many more benefits because of the high variety of whole fruits and vegetables with the juice and whole powders found in its contents.

Researched from Power Supplements Special Report by Linda Winters