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We live in an increasingly “anti-biotic” culture, where we attempt to kill off all that may potentially harm us (with antibiotics applied broadly to our daily medicines, to our poultry, to our dairy cows, and to our farm animals). While antibiotics can save us when we’re sick, they’re also highly effective at killing many of the organisms our bodies need to survive.

Probiotics, on the other hand, promote life. They are the beneficial bacteria that not only transform basic nutrients into powerful, life-giving nourishment, but also activate the body’s natural chemistries that support our health. The problem is, most Americans don’t consume nearly enough probiotic-rich, whole food.

Nutritionist Judith DeCava covers the subject of vitamins and comes down on the side of natural food concentrates. Citing evidence that cellular malnutrition is a prominent cause of disease, DeCava explains what is known and not known about vitamins and antioxidants and the nutritional effects of natural and synthetic supplements. This is an extremely informative and easy-to-read volume.

  • Plants absorb vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from the earth.
  • The plants on our earth supply foods for us to eat.
  • We need to eat a variety of these plant foods to obtain the essential required vitamins and nutrients.
  • People eat plants rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the form of food that is easily absorbed by your body.
  • Sadly due to many factors we are seeing depleted nutrients in the soils in the westernized civilizations. Please visit
  • Therefore the plants are not absorbing enough nutrients to supply our bodies these essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  • You need to take a supplement to obtain the essential nutrients your body requires.
  • USP vitamins are made from pharmaceutical sources. These sources are not food.
  • Your body is amazing and it will absorb some of the synthetic vitamins.
  • You are designed to eat food, not a synthetic man made version of what they think is food.
  • Vitamins should be provided as a food source that your body will recognize as food and absorb and utilize the nutrients as it is designed to do.

There is a big difference between the effectiveness of natural vitamins and minerals from whole foods and their synthetic nutrient counterparts that attempt to duplicate the building blocks of life. Unfortunately, they are not effective.

Synthetic nutrients are missing the active ingredients that occur naturally. These missing nutrients must be available so they work together for proper absorption. When you consume vitamins and minerals from real whole food your body recognizes it as coming from live food and fully utilizes the vitamins, enzymes and co-factors the way Mother Nature intended. Synthetic vitamins are in an incomplete form because they have been isolated and these manufactured nutrients cannot be designed to work in harmony as they do in nature. Nature created a perfectly balanced natural whole food complex to work with the human physiology and it remains to be seen if it can ever be reproduced by man.

The blood stream contains cells and these small blood cells contain receptors that make up the cells border. These receptors are what allows the nutrients into the cells so just because a nutrient makes it into the blood stream does not necessarily means it will make it into the cell. These cell receptors are very picky about what they allow inside. Man has tried his best to create vitamins, mass produce them in factories, put them in the food we eat and bottle them to sell as pills. However, they are manmade synthetic nutrients and just like you cannot use the wrong key to start your car, they do not fool our cell receptors. Therefore, the synthetic nutrients never get absorbed into the cells as we thought they would.

When synthetic vitamins cannot be recognized by the body, the body treats them as toxic foreign substances and will immediately try to remove them from the body. You may even see your urine turn bright florescent yellow until the foreign nutrients are purged from your system. Some could even be deposited in your arteries and joints which is not the desired result that was intended.

Also, when synthetic nutrients are taken in a pill form, much of it passes through the intestine undigested. There are numerous studies out there that confirm this. In the physicians' desk reference on page 1542 (1996), it shows vitamins and minerals in pill form have a 10% to 20% absorption rate. The reason is due to the high metallic content of these pills. Metallic minerals like oyster shells, carbonates, oxides and dolomites have the consistency of ground up rocks, which our bodies were not designed to digest so they pass right through. Studies show the body treats these isolated and synthetic nutrients like foreign substances i.e. synthetic chemicals. They are not absorbed by your body and are flushed out of your system. Federal law only requires a manufacturer to list the contents. Although the contents listed are very accurate, the absorption rate is not, so good money can be going down the drain.

Researched by Linda Lawrence-Winters, who is continually evaluating a large variety of healthfoods.